With the onset of global digitisation there has been a sudden surge in every area of digitisation. Let’s take the home users network for example. Suddenly everyone owns a home network and the software is getting more complex by the day. Home users networks are managing almost all spheres of the digital world. From managing innumerable tasks to handling playing online games to downloading media to online live streaming of data, the list in endless. With this sudden surge, the market of home users networks have exponentially expanded where vendors are offering more complex functionalities with easier user interface.

Genie comes into the picture here. /you can set up your Netgear genie via mywifiext.net website.


What is the Netgear Genie?


Netgear like its competitors have developed a software application called the Netgear Genie. It is a dashboard that helps its users to monitor, control, manage and repair home networks. It provides easy access to all the functionalities of your Netgear devices. The Netgear Genie app allows you to access all the features of the devices anywhere in your house while you are logged on to your home network. All of this without having to reboot your computer.




You can access

- Wireless Settings: You can use the WiFi Analytics feature to monitor the wireless analytics of your network.

- Guest Access: Monitor and control all inhouse guest accesses.

- Network Map

-  You can easily print from your iPad or iPhone as it can make any printing device AirPrint compatible.

- Real time monitoring of all home networks.

- Parental Controls

- Can connect to any home device using QR code. EZMobile connect helps to remain securely connected to your devices.

- Media Streaming: My Media helps you to stream video and audio files effortlessly in your network using your smartphones.

- Debugging of any issues in your network.

- Traffic Metering to name a few.


It will help you manage all your Netgear devices at Mywifiext. The best part is that it runs on multiple platforms. There are generally about 8 files in the set up package and after installing it it is usually about 43.52 MB (45,629,478 bytes).The only con probably being that you will have to ignore the innumerable ads that pop up at the bottom of the window.



Download Netgear Genie


It is a fairly simple process and just requires you to make a few clicks to download Netgear Genie. To download Netgear Genie, you have to simply launch any web browser and type mywifiext.net on the address bar and go to the website. This will automatically connect you to the NetGear Genie Smart Set up link. You should be automatically directed to Netgear Genie as soon as you are connected to the Netgear Genie Smart Set up page. You should make sure that you have your home wireless connection running smoothly to avoid any network connectivity issues that can hamper the set up process.


In case you face any issues in downloading Netgear Genie, you can connect to us on our 24 hours available toll free number and you will have expert help to help you identify and resolve your issues at Mywifiext.