After setting up the wifi Extender, it’s expected to increase the range of the wifi used and moreover an uninterrupted and faster connectivity. And this is possible by introducing the Netgear Genie app. This app not only helps the Extender to give a seamless performance but also clarifies minor issues at its own end, and avoids the disturbances in the internet usage.The Genie App acts as the guard to all the network settings of your home. It protects your network stealing and also protect the network from the disturbances done by others gadgets of your home like oven, Bluetooth devices etc.

Genie Smart Setup via

  • Connect your extender to any wifi network.
  • Now take your computer or laptop and connect it to the current wifi network.
  • With the help of any updated browser connect to
  • Enter your default username and password and login to Mywifiext.
  • Now move in to Genie setup page.
  • Make changes as per the technical settings.

Process to download Genie App.

  • Connect your extender to your current working wifi connection.
  • Now connect your computer or laptop to that network.
  • Open the site net by using any of the updated browser.
  • Login by entering the default username and password.
  • Go to the Genie Setup Page.
  • Press ENTER.
  • Genie Setup page will be opened.
  • Now make changes as you move.

Characteristics of the Genie App

  • The app keep the check and control over the network used at home.
  • Minimizes the dropping of the internet connections.
  • Provides EZ feature by which you can protect your connections byusing your mobile or ipads.
  • You can easily access child lock.
  • Air Print facility helps to take prints from your mobiles and ipads.
  • Guest network attachments can be handled effortlessly.
  • Adjust minor network issues at its own.

So the Genie App Can be basically defined as the protecting shield of the network connectivity. The App plays a vital role in the functioning of the Extender, and provides a helping hand to the extender in running the network smoothly.

Application Genie Troubleshooting

  • The primary step you can apply is to restart your Extender and the Router.
  • Reconnect your extender by your default username and password.
  • Repeat your extender setup wizard.
  • If the problem continues then reset the extender by default Factory Setting.
  • Clear the browsers recent history.
  • Login your PC or Laptop to the default wifi network of your extender.
  • Unlock your web browser and setup your extender.

You can also call and take the help of our experts. You must place the Range Extender and the Router to a position near to each other so that the extender receives a good percentage of signal from the network. Once you have fortunately installed your Extender, you can now shut down the Genie and you can start

Access the Router remotely using Desktop Genie

  • First of all install the Application Genie.
  • Now configure the software to your local computer connected with your router.
  • You will be automatically connected if not then click the router setting icon and press remote access.
  • Move to the sigh up option, press enter and create a Genie account.
  • Fill in your username and password when asked to login.
  • Check your mails you will receive a confirmation email.

The Genie is a smart app to guard and protect your network connection. And provides you hassle free internet usage along with the Extender at mywifiext. This app is easy t use and install and people do not face much difficulties to access it. This app is free do download so any one can avail its benefits.

Note: If you have clicked the unregistered icon and lost the access then don’t worry. Login again click the register icon and regain access.