A wifi extender is a very well made and authentic device, which increases the range capacity of your PC and mobile and also develops the network connectivity very efficiently. Once you have connected the extender to your existing wifi your devices are connected to the fastest wifi signal. and you can move around your house anywhere and easily avail your connection at your comfort zone.

Features of Wifi Extender

  • The most important feature of your wifi Extender is that it broadens the network coverage of the wifi.
  • It can be connected with any of the router mostly every router easily.
  • The installation is very uncomplicated and simple that anyone can do it without any help.
  • It also fastens your existing wifi network.

To setup the wonderful device, you require not much time. It can be easily installed either by WPS button or through the website mywifiext.net. If you are an apple user then go to mywifiext. These sites are not ordinary sites these local sites cannot be accessed online. The extender can be connected to any router mostly. The extender provides a very free flow network for playing videos gaming etc.

How to set up the Range Extender

  • One way to setup the Netgear Wifi Extender is by WPS button.
  • This button is provided on the top of the router and extender; you just have to press them one by one within a time period of 2 min.
  • As the led light turns green you are connected.
  • Another way out is to login is via net
  • Plug in your extender to any electrical outlet.
  • Now with the help of any web browser connect to www.mywifiext.net.
  • Move to the setup page and fill in the default username and password.
  • Now do as it the site assist you and move on.
  • If you stuck somewhere you can reset the extender by pressing the reset key for seven seconds, which is present at the back side of the extender.

As you are connected with the extender you get the freedom to move around your house and experience an amazing network. While you are connecting the extender you may face minor issues which can be solved by reset button.




Reasons behind the errors

  • The router and the extender may be placed far, beyond the range.
  • The browser may be not updated.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • The electrical outlet may be loose.
  • The Ethernet cable which is connecting the extender to the router may be not working.
  • False username and password may be entered.
  • Or any other spelling mistake.

.How To Fine-tune the connection of mywifiext

  1. Keep the Extender and the Router to the same room. Once you are properly connected to the router you can move your extender where ever you want to.
  2. After plugging your Extender to any power socket check the led light has turned green.
  3. Make sure that the Pc to extender or Device to Extender led light is lit. Otherwise remove the cord and reconnect again.
  4. Enter the default IP address in the address bar i.e.
  5. You can also reset your extender by pressing the rest button placed at the back side of the extender.
  6. Change the web browser or update it.
  7. Still you are unable to access the connection then you can anytime take the help of our experts by customer care service.

So this extremely efficient device can be installed easily by some simple steps and by taking a few precautions. This device can also support dual band and tri band which makes it even more powerful and useful compare to any other extender in the market. The Netgear Extender Wifi provides many varieties in the market as per people to people requirements