Home Networking systems and futuristic ultra modern devices have revolutionised the digital era. Our lives revolve around technology that promise to simplify our lives and take it a step ahead towards digitisation.  The Mesh Extenders and the Orbi home networking systems are the types of futuristic technologies that have the potential to take the digital world by a storm.

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What is a Mesh Network?


Mesh extenders are the futuristic and the latest gen Y extenders that help you attain super sonic speed limits and a much greater coverage expandibility than your usual WiFi range extenders. With the ultra latest WiFi technology in mesh extenders you can maximise your speed to four times more than your normal speed limits that can be achieved by your normal WiFi range extenders. The difference between a normal WiFi Range extender and a mesh extender is thata normal range extender is mostly unaware of other networks and the devices running on them as they create single novel access points to rebroadcast wireless signals. On the other hand mesh extenders create multiple nodes and they basically establish communication with all of the nodes to create a mesh like web of coverage. Thus, as obvious, it is way more powerful than what normal range extenders can achieve in terms of extent, reach and network strength.


AC2200-Nighthawk X4 WiFi Mesh Extender is one of our bestselling Mesh extenders. All information regarding the purchase or setting up or use of the mesh extenders are available on mywifiext.net. The  MU-MIMO technology used in these mesh extenders makes them able to simultaneously live stream more than one video.

The EAX20 model supports the latest generation WiFi 6 standard. Thus factors like maximum speed, coverage without any bandwidth drop and a greater capacity of almost 1.5 times greater than your default network goes unsaid. Connect as many devices as you wish to without any apprehension of lower performance. It offers upto 4 simultaneous WiFi streams.  With an 802.11ax WiFi Technology, WiFi Speed of 1800 Mbps, a Dual WiFi Band of 2.4 & 5 GHz and  4 Gigabit ethernet ports this is a monster of a device with a very futuristic outlook and functionality.


Orbi WiFi Networking System


Orbi is a whole home WiFi system. It is simplistic in terms of end user usability. It is different from your normal routers or WiFi range extenders as it is a completely different technology. Unlike your normal extender and router that works better if placed in physical proximity to each other, the Orbi WiFi system is free from any such conditions. You do not need to place the Orbi satellites in close proximity or within the sight of each other because of its latest tri band WiFi technology. Thus speed is not compromised in tri band WiFi technology systems. You get maximum speed limit along with a great wireless coverage across an entire expanse.

Orbi is more of a holistic technology available at mywifiext; this provides the entire expanse of your house with a single dedicated wireless network connection. Thus as you have a single wireless network at your disposal, you will not need to switch between networks as you go to different rooms of your house. You will not have to log on to different devices in your house with Orbi. Just a single log on to your Orbi network  is sufficient. An expanse of 5000 sq feet can be covered by a single Orbi Wireless System. If the area of your house is greater than 5000 sq feet you can use the add on satellites to blanket even a greater area. All of this under a single network that has the same password and name. Thus in a way it is completely hassle free. 


Powered by the tri band wireless technology, the Orbi Wireless System is super efficient. One WiFi band is dedicated to extending the speed of the internet. This band includes a 1.7Gbps 5GHz technology that helps in extending the speeds to the Orbi satellites. The second and the third WiFi bands help in coverage expanse by keeping all home devices connected across the entire house. The ultra modern product design and the tri band WiFi technology gives you more freedom in placing your device.

Though this acts very much like a Mesh network and also is useful in extending your network, yet an Orbi WiFi system is very different from a Mesh wireless system as it operates entirely differently.