TheWifiRange Extender is an astounding device which increases the range of your wifi connection to a great extent and also gives you a faster network. With the help of this extender you can use your PC, Mobile or Laptop anywhere and at any corner of your house or office, with a very good connectivity, where you received poor signal before. But to avail this facility of network first we have to setup and install the Extender from mywifiext. And without a Router this is impossible, the router is the bridge between the Extender and the Computer.Without a router the whole process of setup cannot be done.

Purpose of a router:

  • The main purpose of a router is to connect with different networks and forward it.
  • It acts as the path through which a computer and Network Extender connect to each other.
  • It also holds the WPS button which is used in the set up process of Wi-Fi Extender.

As such normally the router works very smoothly but sometimes you can face some interruptions. If your router suddenly stop working then what you have to do is just that unplug the Wi-Fi___33Range Extender and the router and stay for 60 seconds and connect them back.

How to deal with Router problems:

  1. Update your router.
  2. Check that other network such as blue tooth devices or microvave , cordless phones etc. Interrupts the router.
  3. Try to use it in a less crowded area.
  4. Use QOS reduce the sharing of your network.
  5. Pick the Extender model according to the size of our home or office.
  6. Place the router at any centreplace of your home.
  7. Check the band (2.4GHs, 5ghS) the router supports.

Generally the router supports all kinds of extenders and it has a WPS button which easily connects the Wi-Fi Extender to the computer. But sometimes the WPS button does not supports the connection. In that case the router and extender are installed manually through the website for android users and www.mywifiext.local for apple users.

How to login Extender via

  • Connect your computer or mobile device to the wifi network.
  • Open the site net through any of the updated web browser.
  • If you are an apple user then use mywifiext
  • Go to the login page and enter your default username and password.
  • Move to the setup page.
  • Press enter and do as prompted.

The login process is uncomplicated and can be done easily but you can go through some issues if you are not actively completing the login process. The issues can be ignored by being alert and properly handling the login process. Some of the reasons for the errors may be:

  • Extender is not connected to the electrical socket.
  • Internet connection is not up to the mark.
  • Browser updates pending.
  • Entered incorrect username and password.
  • The router and the extender placed beyond range.
  • The led light on the router and the Extender did not turn green.

The router and the extender are like body and soul cannot be separated. The router and the extender both goes hand in hand. They cannot function without each other. Soit’s very important to take care of all the login steps carefully while the setup of the extender at and the router.