Wi-Fi range extender allows us to get a better network connection in the places or the surroundings where the signal of aWi-Fi fails to reach or connect. If you are having problems with a weak connection around your house or your workplace, the best thing that can be done is to install a mywifiext Wi-Fi range extender. Wi-Fi extenders help to connect directly with the network through a wired connection, thus establishing a strong, reliable connection without causing disruptions. You can connect using an existing coaxial cable or an Ethernet cable to your router.

Mywifiext.net is a web address that allows you to setup your Wi-Fi extender and guides and helps you for a hassle free extender setup.



To setup your mywifiext Wi-Fi range extender you just have to follow a few basic steps. These steps will allow you to setup your Wi-Fi range extender, thus, providing your surrounding with a strong Wi-Fi network connection. Let’s take a quick glance at these following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to put your Wi-Fi range extender close to the router that you are using.
  • You have to connect your Wi-Fi range extender with your computer and the router. For this, you can use an Ethernet cable or you can connect wirelessly
  • Switch on the extender check for the power light to turn green.
  • Now, you have to visit the website, mywifiext.netusing any of the browsers as preferred by you.
  • You have to enter the default login, along with the password.
  • If you don’t have an account previously existing account, you are advised to create a new account.
  • Click on the option showing ‘create an account’ and fill in the details, such as the username-admin and password and press login.
  • Now, your account has been created and you can go on to setup your Wi-Fi range extender on the setup site.

Simply, follow these steps to setup your Wi-Fi range extender.


  • Plug the extender into a power socket close by to your router.
  • Check if the power button on the top is switched on. Wait at least twenty seconds for the extender to boot up. The power light will be steady green.
  • Press the WPS button on the router.
  • Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi range extender within two minutes after pressing the WPS button on the router.
  • Wait until the light stops flashing and one of the range lights is steady. Once it’s done your extender is configured with your Wi-Fi and you shall have a steady signal.

You can also connect your Wi-Fi range extender wirelessly. These are the following steps which are to be followed

  • First, you have to use the wireless connection software or settings on your desktop or laptop to display the range of available wireless networks that are available in the nearby location.
  • You have to find your mywifiext Wi-Fi range extender among the list and select it.
  • Enter your extender’s wireless unique key.
  • Complete the connection on your desktop or laptop.



Firstly, you have to insert one port of the Ethernet cable to the Wi-Fi range extender and the other port to the desktop or laptop. Then you have to open your internet browser and enter the web address, mywifiext.net in the address field.

You have to enter your extender’s admin password and then click onto the login option. Click Start at the bottom and then you have to follow the on-screen connection wizard. When you click on the Finish button, your browser will lose the connection to the extender. The extender’s green light will stop flashing out on a successful connection and will be steady. The extender is now perfectly configured with your router.